My Products

All of your products that you will be adding to DropGecko, will be added here. You can export products in Excel, CSV, Print, Bulk select products and Delete. Along with other actions mentioned below.

My Products > Edit Action

You can edit your product from here

My Products > Edit Action > Update [Product]


Name of the product will appear here and can be edited.


Caption text will appear under title of the product.


This is the URL of that specific product, this is not editable.


Select type, Simple or Variable.

SKU Code

SKU (stockkeeping unit, sometimes spelled "Sku") is an identification, usually alphanumeric, of a particular product that allows it to be tracked for inventory purposes.

Regular Price

This is the price that your clients will be charged, it is current price of the product.

Sale Price

This is the price that will show up as price before (high price)

Allowed Quantity Per Order

Here you can set up limit of product order. 0 means quantity is not restricted.


Select inventory if its Finite, Infinite, Bucket.


You can associate any product with any specific brand that you have created.


You can set up the status of the product from here, Active or Inactive.


Using this option will feature this product not only in the home page but also when your customer select any product, they'd see it on the same page.


Selecting this option will showcase this product in popup when your client is done purchasing any other product.


You can select any category you want to add this product in.


You can associate this product with tags.

Tax Classes

You can select specific tax class for this product.

Never Expire

You can check mark this option if you want it to not expire.

Expire Date

You can mention date of expiry of this product.


Description of the product is added here.


Select this option if the product is shippable or not. If yes, then you may have to define Width, Height, Length, Weight. 


Selecting this option will redirect your customers to link of your choice when they click 'Add to Cart'


If the product is downloadable then you can select this option.

Private Content Pages Access

My Products > Delete Action

You can delete your product/products from here.

Imp Hot Product (DropShipper)

Here you can import AliExpress hot products as as a dropshipper.

Imp Hot Product (Affiliate)

Here you can import AliExpress hot products as as an affiliate.

Discover Trending Products

You can discover hot products here.