To be able to Manage customers, go to your Admin Panel > Customers and you will see the list of all your customers, including yourself as an Admin. 

At a first glance you will be able to see the important details about your customers.



Your customers will be able to set their chosen picture as their profile image. You will be able to see it here. 


This is your customer's chosen name. 


This is your customer's email. 


By default your customers will have Member role. You can change their role to Admin or Team Member by visiting Action Menu. 

Created at

This is the date your customer's account was created at. 

Updated at

This shows the last activity date on your customer's account. 


Action Menu is where you can make changes to your customer's account. 

Action Menu

The Action Menu is situated at the extreme right of the Customers page. You can spot it by it's icon, a line with three dots in it. 

It has multiple options which you can use to edit your your customers details. 


This is your customer's name. 

Job Title

Here you can change your customer's title if you choose to change their role. 


Here you are able to add a picture on their profile. 


This is your customer's email. 

Country Code

This is your customer's country dial code. 

Password/Confirm Password

Here you are able to change your customer's password if need be. 

Cell Phone

Here you are able to edit your customer's cell phone number. 


You can change your customer's role here. You can make them Admin or Team member.