It's time to build your store! 

Because there are so many different ways that you can use Dropgecko, it's easy to wonder how to get started, or even to worry about forgetting key steps on the way to your first sale. 

This section of the Help Center outlines the most important tasks to get your DropGecko store up and running as quickly as possible.

Before you start

Before you start setting up your DropGecko store, it's important to understand your goals. 

Ask yourself basic questions about your store. This can help you to focus your attention and speed up your setup process. 

  •  What is the niche you would like to get involve with? Pets, Fashion, genders?
  • What you would like to name your store? Ex. "My-pets" or maybe "PetsDeals"... 
  • what type of shipping you will offer

Once your create a store using your credit you can jump to the next section - set up your store.