The Referral Programme allows you to offer incentives and get your customers to promote your Shop for you. This way you will get more leads, traffic and sales.

You can create a referral programme by going to your Shop Admin Menu > Referrals > Referral Programmes > Create.


This is the name of the Referral Programme. You can choose it to be anything you like. 

There are two types of incentive actions available:


Here you can reward your customers points, based on them registering to your e-commerce shop. You can offer your customers any amount of points. You as the owner of the shop will set the percentage as to what quantity of points amounts to what. 

E-Commerce Sale:

Here you can reward your customers points based on their purchases. 

E-commerce option offers two ways to reward your customers based on transaction type:


In the sale option you can reward them if they make a purchase on your Shop. 

Order Amount:

Here you can reward your customers based on how much they spend, rather just them making a purchase on your shop. You can reward them more points if they are spending an amount you chose. The amount could be $50 $100 or any amount you think works for you. 

Please refer to the video below detailing The Referral Programme and see it in action.