As an Agency Holder, you can keep the shop under your account, or you can transfer the shop to a new owner (Flip).

Transfer A Shop :
To transfer a shop go to the app dashboard, and click on the 'Transfer Shop' button.

You will need to enter the new Owner Name, Email and click on transfer.
Once you click the transfer shop button, the shop will get removed from your app dashboard and will move to the new owner.
The new owner will receive a welcome email from the DropGecko System with the new credentials, to log in to the App Dashboard so he can manage his shop.

The new owner will automatically be set to the basic level, for the pro features. They will need to upgrade their level directly via the DropGecko app.

You can transfer a shop only to the users that aren't a member of DropGecko.

After you have transferred the shop, you won't be able to access it anymore.

If you sell your shop to a new owner - the price and the negotiation will happen between you and the buyer, DropGecko does not take any part in that.

Shop Manager:
As an Agency you can have many shops under your account.
If you want to keep being the shop owner, you need to keep the shop under your account- do not transfer it.
You can give access to the new manager (owner). To do that you will need to create a new member on the shop and set his level as Admin.

You need to contact the new owner and send/provide him the login details you have set for him.
In this way, the new admin will have full access to the shop so he can set his payment gateway, manage orders, and all other access while you are still the owner of the shop.