As an Agency you can list your shop at the exchange and let new buyer option to buy your ready made shop.

You can visit the EXCHANGE at

To list a shop on the exchange you will need to click on the "Publish" button under the shop name in the app, then fill up the form with your details.
you will required 3 field to fill up:

Your contact email - where the buyer can contact you to get more info and close the deal.

The Description of the shop - what they get? is it included social pages, or even already have some traffic and sales.

The requested Price - that the price you want to sell your shop.

*Please note that the buyer will pay you directly by any way you will select and the responsibility to transfer the shop is on you.
DropGecko does not take any part of the sale or commission.

Follow those 2 steps to publish shop on the exchange :

Step 1:

Step 2: